Rivarossi Allegheny

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Our objective at EASTERN OHIO TRAINS is to support scale model railroaders with the availability of fine scale models at affordable prices and to develop and support a community of model railroaders with common interest. We want to help you find out how to achieve your modeling objectives through communications with the hobbies leading modelers. We will strive to supply a continuous flow of relevant information.

Keep in touch for a continuing flow of special product offerings, The Rivarossie Allegheny 2-6-6-6- is the first of many such offerings.  Make sure you make EASTERN OHIO TRAINS one of your FAVORITE places so you can keep track of site progress and take advantage of our special programs. Remember that many of these products are very limited in availability.  Your ability to take advantage of programs depends on the timeliness of your response.

To Contact Eastern Ohio Trains, send all emails to eohss@aol.com

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