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Eastern Ohio Railroad

Welcome to Eastern Ohio Country, the heart of the Eastern Ohio Railroad in the center of Ohio's number 8 coal district. The Eastern Ohio, like the Wheeling and Lake Erie, Pittsburgh and West Virginia and Western Maryland was a key component of the Gould attempt to construct a transcontinental rail system. The Eastern Ohio is a virtual historical novel I will write , build and share with you on this web site. The story of The Eastern Ohio developed here will be accompanied by articles detailing the development of an HO scale model railroad depicting the joint operations of the Eastern Ohio, Nickel Plate (Wheeling Div.), Pittsburgh and West Virginia and the Allegheny Midland (the famous Midland Road of Tony Koester which terminates in Dillonvale). The area modeled is shown in figure 1, the map titled "No 8 Eastern Ohio Coal District". The time of the model can very from approximately 1953 to 1961 depending on the equipment employed, but the bulk of the modeling will represent the mid 50's when the railroads were transitioning from steam locomotives to the diesel. The subject Railroads are all related through stock owned buy the Nickel Plate and Eastern Ohio and are in the process of negotiating with The Pennsylvania and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads to acquire their interests in the P&WV and WM to formalize a system, which in effect they are already operating. The PRR's interest in merging with the NYC and B&O's interest in merging with the C&O is being used to clear the way for the formation of the "High Speed System"(EO, NKP, P&WV, & WM). The expanded operations and expansion of through train service on the HSS has created a demand for the acquisition of diesel engines in numbers far beyond the allotment employed by the manufacturers during the high demand of this conversion era. For this reason the participating HSS Roads are transferring their steam locomotives to operate in the # 8 coal fields which produce the finest steam locomotive fuel in the world, while they concentrate the use of diesel locomotives to through train service where there efficiencies can be maximized. Thus "Eastern Ohio Country" has become the Mecca of rail enthusiasts attempting to capture a glimpse of "Steams last stand".

Article 1:
"The Wye at Adena"
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