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Eastern Ohio Country

Article 1:
"The Wye at Adena"

The Wye at Adena, Ohio is a focal point at the interface of the Eastern Ohio and Nickel Plate Railroads and will be the first fully scenic portion of the model railroad that will be developed on this website. This portion of the railroad is jointly operated by both railroads as it has been since the Gould syndicate developed both the Eastern Ohio and the Wheeling and Lake Erie. The Eastern Ohio enters the Nickel Plate, Wheeling district from the south at Neff on the St Clairsville branch. Eastern Ohio trains run west through the wye to their connection with the P&WV and east through the wye to Eastern, Ohio (Steubenville), the headquarters for the road. Coal trains for both roads run loaded in all directions with mine runs transporting raw coal to prep plants and finished coal moves to markets in all directions (Toledo, Cleveland, Fairport Harbor, Maryland and New Jersey). Allegheny Midland raw coal is also delivered to prep plants from mines in West Virginia near the Ohio River. The following photographs from the collection of Willis McCaleb (the former company photographer of the Nickel Plate Railroad) detail the scene we are about to develop. All of these pictures were taken between 1949 and 1957, the era we will model.

Click to EnlargePhoto 1:

NKP articulated # 8003 (soon to be #942) is shown crossing the trestle on the southeast branch of Adena wye. This trestle crosses Short Creek, which flows east along the Adena yard and crosses back under the girder bridge approaching the yard from the east. Short Creek continues east along the NKP until it meets the Ohio River at Warrenton, some 10 miles from this point. See the model of this trestle built by Ed Cass, before it gets installed in the scene.

Click to EnlargePhoto 2:

NKP S1 Berkshires 716 and 728 have recently moved from the dieselized Clover Leaf division to see their final days in mine run service in the Wheeling Division's # 8 coal district. The double headed "berks" trail a former W&LE 800 series caboose returning to Adena after pulling a coal drag out of Herrick and adding it to a Brewster bound freight at Jewitt.

Click to EnlargePhoto 3:

Here ex W&LE S4 Berkshire 820 returns an 800 series caboose to Adena on the North East branch of the wye and ex Clover Leaf Consolidated 915 pulls a work train over the trestle.

Click to EnlargePhoto 4:

Ex. W&LE USRA 2-6-6-2 #8001 is now NKP # 940. Here she appears to be pulling raw mined coal south thru the wye headed for the large preparation plant at Georgetown, which is jointly serviced, by the NKP, PRR and EO.

Click to EnlargePhoto 5:

This shot taken moments before the last one shows the same train pulling up grade through the Adena yard. This entire scene will be developed in upcoming articles.

Click to EnlargePhoto 6:

In this November 1956 scene double headed S1 Berkshires 717 and 727 pulls a coal drag out of Adena yard headed for Georgetown. The baron trees, gray sky and visible steam give evidence to the chill in the air. The heavy smoke from both engines gives evidence of the load being pulled.

Click to EnlargePhoto 7:

On an earlier summer day W&LE "Water Buffalo" # 6805 (ex. RF&P 519, originally N&W 204 and soon to be NKP 845) pulls another coal drag through Adena yard. Notice the Adena High School football field to the right of the yard.

Click to EnlargePhoto 8:

S4 Berkshire 820 pulls a coal drag out of Herrick yard. She is shown here crossing the girder bridge over Short Creek at the east end of Adena yard headed west

The pictures above which extend from the girder bridge approaching Adena yard from the east and extending to the Wye at the west end of Adena yard will be the first fully detailed scene developed on the Eastern Ohio Model Railroad.  Keep in touch. to follow progress.

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